Tutorials for Maple and Magma

Mike O'Sullivan


Sage tutorial (10/26/2012) funded by SDSU President's Leadership Fund, written by David Monarres and Mike O'Sullivan.
The printable pdf of the SDSU Sage tutorial is here (10/26/2012).


My students have contributed a lot to the development of these worksheets. Thank you for your help!
Please feel free to suggest improvements to this material.
New material is also welcome.
Getting Started Lists, integers, polynomials, loops and conditionals.
Modular Arithmetic Modular arithmetic, polynomials and linear algebra mod n
Prime numbers Sophie Germain primes and the distribution of primes.
Simple text For handling text within Maple.
Text in files For reading text from a file and writing to a file.
Rgraphs For parsing several letters into a single number.
Finite fields Extensions of finite fields using RootOf()
Polynomials Computing with univariate and multivariate polynomials.
Plots in 2 and 3 dimensions Algebraic curves defined as functions, implicitly, or parametrically.

Andre Heck, Intorduction to Maple, Springer, QA 155.7 E4 H43 1996.

R. Klima, N. Stigmon, E. Stitziger, Applications of Abstract Algebra with Maple, CRC Press, QA 162 K65 2000.


Integers Basic computations in the integers.
Division and Euclidean algorithms (1/09) Basic computations in the integers.
Polynomial Rings Polynomial rings, their quotients, evaluation of polynomials.
Multivariate Division Algorithm (2/06) Dividing a polynomial by a sequence of polynomials in several variables. Term orderings.
Finite Fields Finite field and their extensions.
Cyclic Codes (3/06) Factorization of x^n -1 and idempotents.
Reed-Solomon Codes (3/06) The Berlekamp-Massey algorithm, and computation of the error values.